Interview with Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain, MTL Collective

Natasha Dhillon (ND) and Amin Husain (AH), are MTL, a collaboration that joins research, aesthetics, organizing and action in practice discuss in conversation and through drawing Art and Research.

Transcription of the conversation:

Annabelle Boissier (AB): How did you start to work together?  How do you work with Art and Research?

AH:… Continue Reading

Playing with the limits of time, experimentation and space

Rita Alaoui

Long term collaborations are much more interesting than any other punctual project.

The notion of time changes and all the collaborators are like travellers disseminated in the four corners of the globe, which at the end will get on the same final embarkation.
Although several meeting points and deadlines are along the way… Continue Reading