Title: Pointing. ©Rita Alaoui 2016 [Experimental Archaeology, Morocco]

Making the case: Artistic Research contributes to Development and Social Change

Blanka Konopka
What is it about the specific properties of Artistic Research that allow us to make the case for its contribution to development and social change? In the next few months, this question will form the basis of Arts Cabinet’s research focus, culminating in the publication of an extended… Continue Reading

Playing with the limits of time, experimentation and space

Rita Alaoui

Long term collaborations are much more interesting than any other punctual project.

The notion of time changes and all the collaborators are like travellers disseminated in the four corners of the globe, which at the end will get on the same final embarkation.
Although several meeting points and deadlines are along the way… Continue Reading

Agder University, practice based session led by Hydar Dewachi on Documenting research with students and staff. Photo © HydarDewachi.

Norwegian Interstices: artistic research as means to foster new experiences

Svetlana Sequeira Costa
Arts Cabinet was invited by Agder University, in Kristiansand, Norway, to attend practice based workshops on artistic research and share knowledge on  approaches and methodologies to curate, document and disseminate research. Of particular interest, the ethnographic dimension of the artistic research processes and how social interaction may be enhanced… Continue Reading