The Arab Nude: The Artist as Awakener (Ansar al-`ury: al-fannan al-mustanhad), University Art Galleries, AUB. March 8-August 1, 2016, curated by Kirsten Scheid and Octavian Esanu @Kirsten Scheid

The agency of art. When will we take art seriously?

Interview with Art Anthropologist and Historian Kirsten Scheid
Annabelle Boissier


As part of our ongoing commitment to the MENA region, we are developing an interview series with Art Historians and Curators who chose to devote their career to the promotion of Middle-Eastern and North African art. Our aim is to give… Continue Reading

Azé Kokovivina, The voodoo priest, Activation of the Kelessi Altar, Exhibition “Les maître du désordre”, Madrid, « La Caixa » Foundation, Madrid, Spain, February 7 to May 19 2013. Background: freeze frame of Joseph Beuys action: “How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare”, 1965. ©Bernard Müller

The fieldwork as a convivial and undisciplinary practice

Interview with Anthropologist and Dramaturg Bernard Müller

Annabelle Boissier

Bernard Müller is a researcher/lecturer in social anthropology (PhD 2000), dramaturg and scientific/cultural programme designer. He is associate member of IRIS (EHESS, Paris) and Institut für Ethnologie, Universität Leipzig (Germany). Dedicated to the cultural history of West Africa (Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo,… Continue Reading