Transdisciplinary Studio, Sahara


Marsad Drâa is a practice-based collective of university students and professionals from Morocco and abroad whose mission it is to learn and research lifestyles and cultures of the desert. Due to the complexity of disciplines involved in tackling this task, teams are usually multidisciplinary (architects, artists, engineers, biologists, sociologists, historians, archaeologists …). Activity takes place in the form of trans-disciplinary workshops in different desert regions of Morocco (Tighmert, Tissardmine, M’hamid El Ghizlane, Ouarzazate…), in order to investigate local conditions and provide solutions to critical issues that connect with sociology, architecture, culture and beyond. Marsad Drâa promotes the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage of the region and creates networks of people, organisations and institutions from all over the world.
In partnership with Marsad Drâa and ESALA – Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Arts Cabinet is organising an international transdisciplinary workshop in Morocco that will involve experts, researchers, artists to reflect on, investigate and respond to the impact of desertification on cultures, peoples and buildings in the Southern part of Morocco.
Together, we hope that through a pluridisciplinary approach, we can contribute to the enormous task of raising awareness of the critical conditions affecting people, sites and traditions in one of the richest cultural heritage sites in the world.

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