Lecture: The Sahara desert: new learning spaces

The extreme conditions of the desert offer a wide variety of complex spaces for innovation, where multi-disciplinarity it is not an option but an imperative.
Geography, natural ecosystems, anthropology, history, architecture, engineering, economy… are some of the issues that must be considered and studied in order to propose any urban and cultural development in these regions.
In the context of the MENA::NORDEN artistic exchange project, the Architect Carlos Perez Marin visits Edinburgh to present a lecture about the desert as a space for learning, for artistic residency and intervention.  As part of the possible available ‘spaces’ for the artistic exchange, we are hoping that the desert may offer artists, academics, cultural practionners and others with opportunities to be exposed to interdisciplinary engagement and practice whilst experiencing different modes of living, thinking and being where all sorts of possibilities and limits can be tested

You are cordially invited to attend the lecture on Thursday, 26 February 2015, at 2pm at ESALA – Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture – Minto House, 20 Chamber Street, Edinburgh.

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