Goldsmith Lecture: Art, context and enquiry

Now I Gotta Reason, Jerwood Visual Arts, 2012, © Hydar Dewachi Photo: Hydar Dewachi

Now I Gotta Reason, Jerwood Visual Arts, 2012. Photo © Hydar Dewachi.

Arts Cabinet’s lecture was to introduce its international projects to students, with the aim to offer them an opportunity to ask questions about practice based knowledge production and also explore ways to get involved.

One of the topics explored was artistic research as practice whereby collaborations between artists and researchers can bridge the gap between theory on one hand and practice on the other hand.  Collaborating on research to explore new methodologies for research based activity, knowledge production and dissemination.

The lecture was presented collaboration with Hydar Dewachi who spoke about his experience as artist and documentarist in relation to dissemination and documentation.

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