Playing with the limits of time, experimentation and space

Rita Alaoui

Long term collaborations are much more interesting than any other punctual project.

The notion of time changes and all the collaborators are like travellers disseminated in the four corners of the globe, which at the end will get on the same final embarkation.
Although several meeting points and deadlines are along the way (and thank God for that!), the pressure of time is for once a lot softer, and as one know, an artist can be much more inspired and productive when given this asset. I have time to evolve in my research and ideas everyday a little more without reaching any “official work of art” but playing with the limits of experimentation. What a big release it is being out of contemporary art codes for once! I also think it’s a fantastic chance for the public to understand that an artist isn’t just a person who draws or paint but first and foremost a multiple field researcher and thinker of our world and society.
Added to these elements, the direct collaboration with Edward Hollis gives a lot more space for the unexpected and the unknown. Being from two different backgrounds, professionally and culturally makes the exchange exciting and gives confirmation of how much both artists and academics are sometimes interested in the same patterns. Edward is an academic with an architecture background, I am an artist and to complete the triangle comes Svetlana who is the perfect person to canalize and guide us. Her enthusiasm and devotion is so constant and she is gifted with a great analytical mind and a sense of priorities which makes every step easy and always focused.
A one year collaboration makes us finally become like family.
I am so grateful for working on this project with Arts Cabinet.

Rita Alaoui, Artist, based in Casablanca, currently working on Minefields a research project in collaboration with Professor Edward Hollis, from the University of Edinburgh, College of Art.