Agder University, practice based session led by Hydar Dewachi on Documenting research with students and staff. Photo © HydarDewachi.

Norwegian Interstices: artistic research as means to foster new experiences

Svetlana Sequeira Costa
Arts Cabinet was invited by Agder University, in Kristiansand, Norway, to attend practice based workshops on artistic research and share knowledge on  approaches and methodologies to curate, document and disseminate research. Of particular interest, the ethnographic dimension of the artistic research processes and how social interaction may be enhanced as a result. The programme Inbetweenpractices aims to reflect how aesthetic production can interact with social spaces to promote radical change, and illuminate the consequences such interaction has for the conception of art, its arenas and agendas.
Plans for future collaboration between Agder University and Arts Cabinet include further work on developing site specific artistic research workshops and symposia to investigate what ‘site’ may represent in site specific art, from the phenomenological (such as places, buildings, landscapes), to the social and institutional (events, places to meet and exchange, social practice) and the discursive (stories, media events, ideas).  Applying the approach into wider social engagement, we see that research practice in art can generate “interstices” that have the ability to foster experiences of becoming, or even becoming-together.

Svetlana Sequeira Costa
Artistic Director, Arts Cabinet